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Bending Progression
Fat Bastard Barbell Co.
Cannon PowerWorks

Arizona Grip Strength

Steel Bending Progressions

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Length Diameter ShapeType of Metal Rating in Pounds NameComment
8.383/8Round1018 CRS435. .
8.383/8Round1018 CRS470. .
8.383/8RoundCRS530Tim's Steel.
8.383/8RoundGold Nail550early 2014 non spiral.
8.383/8RoundGold Nail575Older batch .
8.005/16G2 BoltBL245. .
8.0010 mmRoundGriprite spike 80d525Taiwan batch shinyThicker 10mm batch
8.003/8RoundTree Island 80d630. .
7.003/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod100. .
7.003/16RoundCRS105. .
7.003/16SquareCRS160. .
7.007/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod160. .
7.00.234RoundO-1 Drill Rod175"A".
7.0013/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod180. .
7.006 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod210. .
7.00.238RoundO-1 Drill Rod210"B".
7.00.242RoundO-1 Drill Rod210"C".
7.00.246RoundO-1 Drill Rod215"D".
7.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod215. .
7.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod230. .
7.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod235. .
7.001/4RoundCRS240. .
7.001/4HexCRS255. .
7.009/32RoundW-1 Drill Rod255. McMaster W-1
7.00.257RoundO-1 Drill Rod265"F".
7.00.257RoundO-1 Drill Rod270"F".
7.0017/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod270. .
7.00.261RoundO-1 Drill Rod275"G".
7.00.261RoundO-1 Drill Rod275"G".
7.009/32RoundCRS310. .
7.00.290RoundW-1 Drill Rod315. McMaster W-1
7.005/16RoundCRS320. .
7.007 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod335. .
7.00.272RoundO-1 Drill Rod335"I".
7.00.277RoundO-1 Drill Rod340"J".
7.00.272RoundO-1 Drill Rod345"I".
7.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod345. .
7.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod360. .
7.00.29RoundO-1 Drill Rod370"L".
7.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod375. .
7.001/4SquareCRS FBBC380. .
7.0019/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod390. .
7.0019/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod390. .
7.005/16RoundCRS 12L14395. .
7.0019/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod395. .
7.00.302RoundW-1 Drill Rod395. McMaster W-1
7.00.302RoundO-1 Drill Rod405"N".
7.00.295RoundO-1 Drill Rod405"M".
7.005/16RoundStainless Steel FBBC420Shiny Bastard.
7.005/16RoundCRS420Red Nail.
7.005/16RoundStainless Steel FBBC425Shiny Bastard.
7.005/16RoundW-1 Drill Rod435. McMaster W-1
7.005/16RoundRed Nail435Early 2014 spiral batch.
7.005/16RoundCRS FBBC440Bastard.
7.005/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod440. .
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod445. .
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod445. .
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod445. .
7.008 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod450. .
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod450. .
7.008 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod460. .
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod465. .
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod465. .
7.00.332RoundO-1 Drill Rod465"Q".
7.005/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod470. .
7.005/16RoundCRS FBBC475Bastard.
7.003/8HexBrass FBBC475Golden Hexabastard.
7.00.323RoundO-1 Drill Rod475"P".
7.003/8RoundBrass480Golden Bastard.
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod480. .
7.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod480. .
7.00.323RoundO-1 Drill Rod480"P".
7.005/16HexCRS FBBC485Hexabastard.
7.003/8G2 BoltG2 Bolt (307A JG)485. .
7.005/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod490. .
7.00.323RoundO-1 Drill Rod490"P".
7.00.339RoundO-1 Drill Rod495"R".
7.003/8G2 BoltG2 Bolt (CLM Galvanized)500. .
7.005/16G2 BoltHKT515. .
7.0011/32RoundCRS515. .
7.003/8G2 BoltG2 Bolt (307A CYI)520. .
7.005/16HexCRS FBBC525Hexabastard.
7.003/8G2 BoltG2 Bolt (BXC)535. .
7.005/16G5 BoltTriangle535. .
7.00.339RoundO-1 Drill Rod540"R".
7.00.339RoundO-1 Drill Rod540"R".
7.005/16RoundStainless FBBC545Shiny Bastard.
7.00.339RoundO-1 Drill Rod545"R".
7.0011/32RoundCRS550. .
7.00.332RoundO-1 Drill Rod555"Q".
7.005/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt565. .
7.005/16G5 Bolt565. .
7.005/16G5 BoltFNL JH565. .
7.003/8RoundCRS (Steel Works)575. .
7.00.332RoundO-1 Drill Rod575"Q".
7.005/16RoundGrade 5 "Edgin"585Black Triangle.
7.003/8RoundCRS (Steel Works)590. .
7.005/16RoundStainless Steel590. .
7.00.339RoundO-1 Drill Rod590"R".
7.003/8G2 BoltG2 Bolt (307A DF)595. .
7.005/16SquareStainless FBBC595. .
7.00.332RoundO-1 Drill Rod595"Q".
7.0023/64RoundCRS 603. .
7.00.332RoundO-1 Drill Rod610"Q".
7.003/8RoundCRS (Steel Works)615. .
7.0011/32Round1018 CRS615. .
7.003/8G2 BoltG2 Bolt (BL)620. .
7.0011/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod620. .
7.00.348RoundO-1 Drill Rod630"S".
7.003/8RoundCRS FBBC645King of All Bastards.
7.005/16Hex303 Stainless645. .
7.005/16SquareCRS FBBC650. .
7.003/8RoundCRS FBBC655King of All Bastards.
7.0021/64RoundStainless655Tim's Stainless.
7.003/8RoundCRS FBBC665King of All Bastards.
7.0011/32RoundO-1 Drillrod665. .
7.009 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod670. .
7.005/16G8 BoltG8 Bolt685. .
7.0011/32Round303 Stainless685. .
7.003/8RoundCRS (Crown Bolt)690. .
7.005/16SquareCRS FBBC705. .
7.0023/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod705. .
7.0023/64RoundO-1 Drillrod715. .
7.005/16G8 Bolt715. .
7.003/8RoundCRS FBBC735King of All Bastards.
7.00.358RoundO-1 Drill Rod770"T".
7.003/8RoundCRS FBBC780King of All Bastards.
7.003/8RoundO-1 Drill Rod815. .
7.003/8RoundStainless FBBC820King of All Shiny Bastards.
7.0010 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod865. .
6.505/16RoundCRS FBBC510Big Bastard.
6.503/8RoundBrass530Big Golden Bastard.
6.505/16HexCRS FBBC565Big Hexabastard.
6.505/16RoundStainless FBBC625Big Shiny Bastard.
6.5011/32RoundCRS630. .
6.505/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt650. Strength Estimated
6.503/8RoundCRS (Steel Works 575@7)660. .
6.503/8RoundCRS (Steel Works 590@7)680. .
6.505/16SquareStainless FBBC685. .
6.505/16SquareCRS FBBC750. Strength Estimated
6.503/8RoundCRS FBBC (665@7)765Big King of All BastardsStrength estimated
6.505/16G8 BoltG8 Bolt790. Strength estimated
6.5011/32Round303 Stainless790. Strength estimated
6.505/16SquareCRS FBBC (705@7)820. Strength estimated
6.503/8RoundStainless FBBC945Big King of All Shiny BastardsStrength estimated
6.003/16RoundCRS FBBC130. .
6.003/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod130. .
6.003/16RoundCRS135. .
6.001/4G2 BoltG2 Bolt (BL)200. .
6.001/4G2 BoltG2 Bolt (OF)210. .
6.003/16SquareCRS210. .
6.001/4G2 BoltG2 Bolt (307A C81)210. .
6.007/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod225. .
6.0013/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod240. .
6.001/4RoundNail265Sivaco 60d.
6.001/4RoundNail270Sivaco 60d.
6.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod290. .
6.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod300. .
6.001/4RoundCRS305. .
6.005/16G2 BoltG2 Bolt (307A)305. .
6.001/4RoundNail (Keystone)315. .
6.001/4RoundNail (Keystone)315. .
6.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod320. .
6.001/4RoundNail320Sivaco 60d.
6.001/4RoundNail320Grip Rite 60d.
6.00.257RoundO-1 Drill Rod335"F".
6.001/4RoundNail34060d Nail.
6.00.261RoundO-1 Drill Rod340"G".
6.001/4HexCRS FBBC355. .
6.0017/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod355. .
6.0017/64RoundSivaco 60d357Dull gray uncoated.
6.001/4RoundCRS FBBC365. .
6.001/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt375. .
6.001/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt (Black)385. .
6.0017/64RoundO-1 Drillrod385. .
6.001/4RoundGrade 5 bolt392Triangle zinc plated.
6.001/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt (TY)400. .
6.001/4G5 BoltG5 bolt (JH green)400. .
6.001/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt (JH Black)405. .
6.001/4RoundNail405Sivaco 60d.
6.0017/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod410. .
6.005/16G2 Bolt(BJC)415. .
6.001/4G8 Bolt(U)420. .
6.001/4G5 BoltLinear "S"425. .
6.00.272RoundO-1 Drill Rod430"I".
6.001/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt (Linear S)435. .
6.001/4SquareCRS FBBC435. .
6.007 mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod450. .
6.00.277RoundO-1 Drill Rod450"J".
6.001/4G8 Bolt(FNL)450. .
6.005/16G2 BoltG2 Bolt (307A JT)455. .
6.001/4G8 BoltG8 Bolt460. .
6.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod465. .
6.00.29RoundO-1 Drill Rod470"L".
6.001/4SquareCRS FBBC480. .
6.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod480. .
6.001/4SquareCRS FBBC485. .
6.005/16BoltBolt (S30400)485. .
6.001/4G8 BoltG8 Bolt (FNL)490. .
6.005/16RoundHRS500. .
6.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod500. .
6.009/32RoundO-1 Drillrod505. .
6.00.295RoundO-1 Drill Rod515. .
6.0019/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod520. .
6.001/4G8 BoltG8 Bolt (Triangle)525. .
6.00.295RoundO-1 Drill Rod530"M".
6.00.302RoundO-1 Drill Rod535"N".
6.005/16RoundCRS540Red Nail.
6.003/8RoundBrass FBBC560Huge Golden Bastard.
6.005/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod595. .
6.005/16RoundCRS FBBC600Huge Bastard.
6.003/8RoundBrass FBBC600Huge Golden Bastard.
6.005/16RoundCRS FBBC600Huge Bastard.
6.005/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod605. .
6.005/16RoundCRS610Huge Bastard.
6.005/16RoundO-1 Drill Rod640. .
6.0021/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod645. .
6.005/16RoundCRS FBBC665Huge Bastard.
6.005/16HexCRS FBBC675Huge Hexabastard.
6.005/16RoundO-1 Drillrod685. .
6.005/16RoundStainless FBBC715Huge Shiny Bastard.
6.0011/32RoundCRS725. .
6.005/16HexCRS FBBC735Huge Hexabastard.
6.005/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt745. .
6.005/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt (triangle)750. .
6.00.332RoundO-1 Drill Rod750"Q".
6.003/8RoundCRS (Steel Works 575@7)760. Strength estimated
6.003/8RoundCRS (Steel Works 590@7)785. Strength estimated
6.005/16SquareStainless FBBC790. Strength estimated
6.005/16G5 BoltLinear "S"800. .
6.0011/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod830. .
6.005/16SquareCRS FBBC (650@7)860. Strength estimated
6.005/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt (Linear S)860. .
6.005/16SquareCRS FBBC860. .
6.005/16Round8620860. .
6.003/8RoundCRS FBBC (665@7)880Huge King of All BastardsStrength estimated
6.005/16G8 BoltG8 Bolt910. Strength estimated
6.0011/32Round303 Stainless915. Strength estimated
6.005/16SquareCRS FBBC (705@7)945. Strength estimated
6.003/8RoundStainless FBBC1090Huge King of All Shiny BastardsStrength estimated
5.503/16RoundCRS160. .
5.501/4G2 BoltG2 Bolt (HKT)285. .
5.501/4RoundCRS365. .
5.501/4RoundCRS365. .
5.501/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt445. .
5.501/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt (JH Black)485. .
5.501/4G8 BoltG8 Bolt485. .
5.501/4SquareCRS FBBC565. .
5.505/16RoundCRS FBBC695Grand Bastard.
5.503/8RoundBrass FBBC720Grand Golden Bastard.
5.505/16HexCRS FBBC790Grand HexabastardStrength estimated
5.505/16RoundStainless FBBC825Grand Shiny BastardStrength estimated
5.5011/32RoundCRS835. Strength estimated
5.505/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt865. Stength Estimated
5.505/16SquareStainless FBBC910. Strength estimated
5.505/16SquareCRS FBBC990. Strength estimated
5.5011/32Round303 Stainless1060. Strength estimated
5.003/16RoundCRS195. .
5.001/4RoundCRS425. .
5.001/4RoundO-1 Drill Rod455. .
5.00.261RoundO-1 Drill Rod480"G".
5.00.257RoundO-1 Drill Rod500"F".
5.001/4G5 BoltG5 Bolt515. .
5.0017/64RoundO-1 Drill Rod540. .
5.00.272RoundO-1 Drill Rod640"I".
5.001/4SquareCRS FBBC660. .
5.009/32RoundO-1 Drill Rod675. .
5.00.277RoundO-1 Drill Rod680"J".
5.007mmRoundO-1 Drill Rod690. .
5.00.29RoundO-1 Drill Rod720"L".
5.005/16RoundCRS FBBC805Magnificent BastardStrength estimated
5.00.295RoundO-1 Drill Rod810"M".
5.003/8RoundBrass FBBC850Magnificent Golden BastardStrength estimated
5.005/16HexCRS FBBC915Magnificent HexabastardStrength Estimated
5.005/16RoundStainless FBBC945Magnificent Shiny BastardStrength estimated
5.0011/32RoundCRS960. Strength estimated
5.005/16G5 BoltG5 Bolt1000. Strength estimated
5.005/16SquareStainless FBBC1050. Strength estimated
5.0011/32Round303 Stainless1220. Strength estimated
4.505/16RoundCRS FBBC935Insane BastardStrength estimated
4.503/8RoundBrass FBBC980Insane Golden BastardStrength estimated
4.505/16HexCRS FBBC1060Insane HexabastardStrength estimated
4.505/16RoundStainless FBBC1090Insane Shiny BastardStrength estimated

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