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Kids Sized Grippers

Interested in getting appropriately sized hand grippers for your kids?
We can make Kids Grippers in 50%, 66% and 80% scale with a number of spring size / tension options as well as different handle materials. Contact me for customized quote.

Adjustable Mount Grippers

Interested in getting Beefbuilder Grippers modified for adjustable mount?
This allows for a wide range of tensions and microloading progression. Very helpful if you chasing that next gripper up. Contact me if you have any questions.
Due to time involved in making these grippers and demand please allow for up to a 4 week lead time for shipment.

Have your own BB Gripper modified for adjustable mount. $29/gripper. Covers mod and shipment back in US.

Have your own Gripper modified for adjustable mount and Bottom mount choker setup. $48/gripper.
Covers mod, Bottom mount Choker and shipment back in US.


Need a gripper or gripper like tool machined for Bottom mount choker setup without making it adjustable mount?
$42/gripper. Covers modification, Bottom mount Choker and shipment back in US.
RB Adjustable with Choker

Incremental Bending Bars

Sets of bars for steel bending that have been turned for small incremental increases in toughness.

5 piece sets in sizes 1/4" up to 3/8". Sets are by cross-sectional area increase. 2%, 2.5%, 3%, 5%.
Increases in cross sectional area; 2% for > .340, 2.5% for greater than .312, 3% all size ranges, 5% all size ranges. Inquire if your interested. $25 + shipping per set.


Revolving Handle Farmers

Farmers walk implements with a twist. The handles rotate and are replacable with different sizes.
We call them the Mean Green Farmers Walks implements. They are exceptionally brutal on the hands. Stock they Ship with 2" handles but other sizes are available. Price for a pair of the base model with one size of handles $200. Inquiries welcome



Interested other custom equipment? Let me know, maybe I can help. Contact me

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